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Dr. Alejandrina Vendrell


Founder and CEO
Specialist in Technology Management and Innovation, Master’s in Biotechnology, and Ph.D. from the University of Buenos Aires in Pharmacology.
Five years of experience in biotechnological innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and Company Builders.

Martín Soler Martínez


Co-Fundador and CFO

Entrepreneur, Auctioneer, and Public Broker
Sol Patagonia S.A. (real estate services)
Sergy S.A. (services to the oil industry)
Nation S.A. (services to agriculture)
Associate at Zárate Real Estate

Rosario Sánchez


Administration & Finance Leader
National Public Accountant from the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA).

Pablo Álvarez


Coworking Space Leader.
Safety and Hygiene Technician.
Experience in customer service and real estate management.

Irupé del Palacio Morales


Lab Technician. Chemical Technician.
Student of Bachelor in Chemical Sciences at UBA.

Lic. María Celeste Marín


External Consultant.
Bachelor in Biological Sciences with a focus on Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from UBA.

Experience in basic and applied research for 7 years, with publications in refereed international journals. Over 10 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry.

Expert in R&D and Quality.

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Combining the best biotech and deep tech tools, Elytron develops high-performance biological products for each pest, region, and crop. Their platform identifies the best strain or combination of microorganism strains that maximizes results for a specific problem.

Ana Indart • Co-Founder • CEO

Bachelor in Business Administration

Tadeo Fernandez Göbel • Co-Founder • CTO
Biochemist, Ph.D.

Federico Ocampo • Co-Founder • CSO
Entomologist, Ph.D.


Inspired by nature, we sculpt repurposed cellulose to mimic the molecular structure of the world’s most exclusive cotton -yielding a unique proprietary textile fiber- to ensure the $2.5 trillion fashion industry can keep thriving within planetary boundaries.

Bénédicte Quinta • Co-founder & CEO

Mariana Semmoloni • Co-founder
& Lead Scientist
Ph.d in Molecular Biology


We develop treatments for boosting the function of gut microbiota.

Future Biome was founded in 2022 by scientists and entrepreneurs

eager to radically boost our understanding of the human microbiome and utilize its power to improve human health. Future Biome is creating a new class of health products by mining the function of microbesthat naturally colonize the gut to address inflammatory disorders.

Maria Soledad Vela Gurovic
Co-Founder & CSO

Martin Larre
Co-Founder & CEO

Leandro Martin Collivadino
Lab Manager

Unlocking the power of immunity. We develop biotech platforms that efficiently deliver molecules to cells, training them to generate specific responses to tackle challenging health issues. Currently, we are using our platforms to offer pharmaceutical and veterinary companies a novel approach to potentiate vaccines and therapeutics tailored to specific diseases.

Guido Nicolás Molina
CSO & Co-Founder

Julieta Luz Porta
CEO & Co-Founder

Maria Delfina Gallardo
Scientific Developer


A company in constant pursuit of excellence, coupled with the pride of being authentically Argentine.

Dra. Shirley Wenker

Research and Development Head


We are a company focused on precision medicine, offering genomic diagnostic services in the fields of Clinical Genomics, Oncology, Human Microbiome, and Reproductive Genomics. These services are conducted in Rosario, Argentina, adhering to international quality standards.

Laura Verónica Kahane
Agustina Castañón
Sofia Sidlik
Tatiana Itzcovich



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