Loci Labs

A space designed
and conceived
to drive Innovation
In Biotechnology.

First Coworking of Biotechnological Laboratories
in Argentina.

At Loci Labs, you only have to focus on what you do best

Try, progress, develop, perfect, or standardize your biotechnological invention, without the need to invest your time and funds in setting up facilities and equipment.

Biotechnology promises solutions for humanity’s major problems: health, food, pollution, energy, and the environment.

In the coming years, within the framework of the 4.0 Revolution characterized by a fusion of technologies, biotechnology will play a leading role, hand in hand with computer science, data sciences, and artificial intelligence.

The pandemic highlighted the importance of having regional development and supply of biotechnological products and services. The R&D of biotechnological projects requires costly laboratory facilities and equipment, posing a challenging risk in the early stages of innovation.

Loci Labs is a space designed and conceived to drive innovation in biotechnology, WITH headquarters located in the heart of Buenos Aires.

It is based on offering incubation services, with on-demand co-working offices and laboratories. It provides access to equipped laboratories, including special labs for microbiology, cell culture, molecular biology, media preparation, washing and sterilization. Additionally, it offers training, services, and everything a budding company needs.

For whom?

The facilities, equipment, and services are excellent for hosting and enhancing Biotechnological Projects from various industries, including Health-Tech, Ag-Tech, Food-Tech, and the Environmental technology, originating from:

Start-Ups Biotech Companies

National Biotech

Foreign Biotech

Open Innovation Public/Private Projects

Loci Labs in the city center

We aim to be in the main biotechnological clusters of major cities across Latin America.

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